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"A Mind Walk"


Blogger ndiginiz said...

Sorry for the late post, problems are still a plenty with Blogger and users on the old account.

This is an “image[s] captured while walking the lens” this morning. The sun was trying to burst the through the thick fog that overwhelmed the rural landscape around where I live. Sepia treatment then a desaturation through the cyan channel plus vignette.

Sleep walking is something that I have, at least not that I know of, ever experienced. I have in my minds eye envisaged what it would be like though and dream those thoughts of wandering through a landscape without any relativity to it. Wondering how, what and why I have come to be here….

…. and in the time
that I dream of nameless places
like day without beginning nor end,
where people walk within the air
above time, in an eternal present.

It is there that my mind walks
amongst misty layers of thought.
On the edge of darkness
that even purity fails brighten
and time is plenty for rushing fools.

Darkness and mist, be the same abyss
where reason is foreign and alien.
For those who fly, do not fall,
to feel the depth of the cold
of this eternal mind walk.

A Mind Walk
Words by: ndiginiz

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe.

1:19 PM NZDT  
Anonymous jelb said...

Well done!..Beautiful tones! Bravo!

1:27 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Jeff Ambrose said...

Thanks for the words, believe it or not they actually helped me out with something just now. Have a great weekend.

7:17 PM NZDT  
Anonymous objectif-plume said...

MAGNIFIQUE! et que dire de plus?

7:43 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Maarten said...

What a nice sky ! I like the way some sunbeams pass trough the bushes in the middle of the image !

Great shot!

7:48 PM NZDT  
Anonymous jlc said...

Waouw !

very nice lights and treatment !

9:50 PM NZDT  
Anonymous david said...

very nice soft moring shot - and of course, the light is special!

10:54 PM NZDT  
Anonymous silfver said...

Lovely scene. Love the fog and the beam of light going through the trees. Nice work!

10:55 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Christian said...

I often walk in my mind, alone, wandering in such lansdscape.

I understand you did there through this brilliant country.

Have a nice week-end Ndiginiz

11:28 PM NZDT  
Anonymous ana said...

being able to fly, doesn't necessarily save you from falling.
Great shot, looks like a mind on the verge of clearing.

2:20 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Paul said...

Beautifully done. I often take such walks in my mind, while I physical walk a less interesting path.

3:39 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Intern said...

Beautiful!!! Lovely words to go with it ...I can almost imagine you in that state of wanering.

Also I have to confess, your comment on my website made me laugh ... laugh out LOUD!!! Its hilarious!!! Thank you for giving me such a good laugh! I was helped by the music playing ... "lets mahke a night to remember" by Bryan Adams.

4:50 AM NZDT  
Anonymous matthew Greco said...

Nice light, this looks like something from "war of the Worlds"

5:58 AM NZDT  
Anonymous P.J. said...

This is such a peaceful shot. I really like the rays of the sun and what looks like the fog on the ground. Excellent framing.

6:10 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Otto K. said...

Beautiful shot. Nice tone.

8:33 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Roberta said...

You have captured a magical quality in the light and atmosphere of this image. The processing enhances the dreamlike effect to match your touching words.

3:01 PM NZDT  
Anonymous paul said...

Very nice! I really like the sunshine that is coming through the tree. The sky is a bit bright, but it gets the point across.

3:20 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

Beautiful moment captured here! Capturing a sunrise has been my dream for a long long time, but getting up so early is just not my thing :)

Have a great weekend!!

4:09 PM NZDT  
Anonymous anagnorisis said...

nice toning bro.. ;)

3:11 AM NZDT  
Blogger MOEVIEW said...

A refreshing shot. I feel how calm and quiet it is. And the smell of the country air. Lovely.

3:18 AM NZDT  
Blogger Sidney said...

Wow! The fog and the sunlight makes for a striking picture!
Love the tone you used!

4:16 AM NZDT  
Anonymous martineb said...

Magnifiques lumières, le post processing est bien choisi! Belle photo!

9:09 PM NZDT  
Anonymous john said...

I like this a lot.

1:50 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Claude said...

The lighting through the morning fog is wonderful. Great landscape and nice work.

5:22 AM NZDT  
Blogger photo-effe said...

Beautiful tones! Bravo!

9:15 AM NZDT  
Anonymous garyx said...

I like your pp here; makes for a very moody scene despite the sun wanting to make an entrance.

9:25 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Still said...

Wow! What a wonderful light there! you've done a nice choice of tones !

10:19 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Brian said...

What amazing light. Wonderful image.

11:26 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Markus said...

Fantastic shot, love the tonescale and the contrast

7:16 AM NZDT  
Anonymous om said...

I see u carry on with the style u maintain lately. nice work. as always.

7:22 AM NZDT  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

wow...my favorite from yrs:-)) beautiful color tone and i love the soft light and misty atmosphere here....one of yr best!

8:48 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Alex said...

oh, man, that light is amazing, so full of warmth...

6:24 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Samir said...

wow, i love the light streaming through. definetly can feel like I'm there.

7:09 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Intern said...

ndiginiz, have you posted a shot after this??? I saw a post but it, but coudnt find the comment box and I was very confused about what happened.

10:41 AM NZDT  
Blogger ndiginiz said...

@ everyone; thank you for your responses to this image and the communications of problems you've been having in trying to leave a comment here.

I'm at a loss to inform you of what the problems are specifically because I have no idea what those technical problems are but, those problems and unanswered requests for help, have been the motivating factors that have forced "nativ flavaz" to move from Blogger to My-Expressions.

Finally I have had enough of the technical difficulties and problems that have plagued Blogger since the amalgamation with Google. In fact many Blogger users have, and have like me have moved to another blogging service.

The photoblog a collection of passerby images | "nativ flavaz" continues on, in the much more friendlier and technically responsive environment of My Expressions.

@ jeff ambrose; glad to be of some service! I hope all is okay with you and yours.

@ ana; no you're totally right! In actuality the ability to fly saves no-one from falling but, in a mind walk? Well everything is not as it appears.... The mind is always on the verge of clearing, making room for more clouded thoughts of which to take for a walk.

@ samir; It's great to meet another new photographer. Thanks for dropping by "nati flavaz", I hope you'll find some time to stop by te new "nativ flavaz"

@ jyoti; sorry mate there's no other image after this image here. Most probably one of those technical glitches occurred and somebody foprgot to feed my mice....

Again, many thanks for your continued support of "nativ flavaz" here and I hope you'll continue your support of "nativ flavaz" at My Expressions.

2:52 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Chantal said...

this is beautiful...you're gonna LOVE expressions....welcome!

5:49 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Shazeen Samad said...

What an awesome sky... Great shot and tone here... Cheers

5:48 AM NZDT  
Blogger Steve said...

This is wonderful! I love the foggy feel and the great sepia tones. Nice work.

11:35 AM NZDT  
Anonymous rayts said...

"...to feel the depth of the cold
of this eternal mind walk."

--> nice. those are the words that bite one's core. coupled with a nice image as sullen as it this, i don't know where one could go wrong. love the effect.

5:29 PM NZDT  
Anonymous rayts said...

alo ndiginiz!

i know i promise to tell. anway, got the new site settled a bit. i attached the link so that should get you there in time.

hope your okay.

4:10 PM NZDT  
Blogger photo-effe said...

great bw lanscape

10:20 AM NZST  
Anonymous rayts said...

hi indiginiz!

i am changing site for the third time. blogsavy is killing my momentum...

anyway, how come you're not updating anymore? busy? :-)

9:38 PM NZST  
Anonymous BobC said...

Great moody sky and a good skyline to set it off.

2:29 AM NZST  
Blogger Kiko Llanos said...

Beautiful images!
The photoblog style of your site is nice.
I was looking for a blogger template like yours. Have you downloaded it or have you developed it?

9:20 PM NZST  
Anonymous Trender said...

Wooooooooow!, this shot is by far one of the most interesting and dark I've ever seen in a while. keep up the good werk!

3:10 PM NZST  
Anonymous kyle haapala said...

hi there,
long time no comment. i really like this image. the way the light is shining through the tree and the overal mood is fantastic. its almost spiritual.

cheers :)
p.s. my girlfriend spent some time in New Zealand last summer and was wondering where abouts your from ?

1:09 AM NZST  
Anonymous Brian said...

Wonderful image.

1:38 PM NZST  
Anonymous Still said...

Fantastic light and great sky! ... A splendid image.
one of my new fav on your blog!

10:02 AM NZST  
Anonymous Ian said...

Wow - what an atmosphere!

10:31 PM NZST  
Anonymous Darkness said...

Incredible sky, and the light is magical. Well done!

11:55 AM NZST  
Blogger Dude Hyderabadi said...

Hi ! Amaaazing image ! very very well done ! I'm starting a new photoblog and I'm looking for a good template from my blogger blog. Is it pssbl that you can share your template code with me ? I promise I will not replicate it the way it is. Plz ?? :)

7:39 AM NZST  
Anonymous Digital Photo Ted said...

This photo deserves every prise it received and more. Great choice of rendering.

11:36 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful tones...


1:51 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Nysters Vif said...

very nice picture!

12:44 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Amado said...

Very beautiful shot.

6:42 AM NZDT  
Anonymous mal said...

really lovely shot, moody to. mal

4:14 AM NZST  
Anonymous Still said...

The light you've captured is splendi. I like a lot the waiting atmosphere here...

10:29 AM NZST  
Anonymous Daniel said...

Interesting Landscape photo. Because of the back light and the fog, it looks rather dreamy.

7:38 AM NZST  
Anonymous WABIKOJA said...

You got a wonderful air!

3:11 PM NZDT  
Anonymous Olivier Jules said...

amazing shot!!

9:01 PM NZDT  
Blogger Harvey's Blog said...

it's harvey here... thanks for your comments on my blog about my talk today... no other talks planned for the immediate future but i've got my show opening at Bath Street gallery in Parnell on tuesday night from 5.30pm ... be great if you could come along.. cheers, harvey

6:35 PM NZST  
Anonymous ndiginiz said...

The latest version of this blog can be found at a collection of passerby images | "nativ flavaz". The latest incarnate is verison IV but hopefully the last. After problems accessing version III of my blog and no apparent support from the blogging service I decided to leave version III behind and start a new. I recently found tumblr and it looks like a blogging application I can grow comfortably old with. That said I'm still coming to terms with the nooks and cranies so to speak, so while I'm posting photographs in version IV of this blog, expect to see some subtle changes over the next few weeks.

Thanks to those of you who have followed me through various versions. Your support and commentary has over time been very much appreciated.

9:02 AM NZST  
Anonymous photo retouching services said...

A stunning landscape with beautiful toning!

5:44 AM NZST  
Anonymous Grant Stringer said...

Got that early mornin feeling!
Great photo full of emotion.

11:35 PM NZST  
Anonymous sázkové kanceláře said...

Love all b/w works.EXELLENT SHOT

12:44 AM NZST  
Anonymous Sázky said...

i like the tones, great work

4:39 AM NZDT  
Anonymous katalog stron said...

great shot.Love this kind of pictures

9:57 AM NZDT  
Anonymous ella said...

fantastic sky,great b/w shot

5:39 AM NZDT  
Anonymous Russ said...

Great photo. Very nice composition.

12:29 PM NZDT  
Anonymous sázkové kanceláře said...

exellent picture.Good work :))

12:33 AM NZST  
Anonymous tipy said...

Beatriful countryside..

8:19 AM NZST  

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